Consumers PRO – Best practices seminar – Session 3

Confeuropa Consumatori Association Participate in the 3rd Session of Seminar on Consumer Protection

Confeuropa Consumatori Association is pleased to announce the participation of its representative, Mirela Bocanet, in the upcoming 3rd session of the Seminar on Consumer Protection.

The seminar provides a platform for experts, organizations, and stakeholders in the field of consumer protection to come together and discuss key topics and emerging trends. With the rapid advancements in technology, the seminar aims to explore the intersection of AI and enforcement technology in safeguarding consumer rights.

As a leading consumer rights advocacy organization, Confeuropa Consumatori Association recognizes the importance of staying at the forefront of developments in consumer protection. By participating in this seminar, the association aims to gain valuable insights into the potential applications of AI and enforcement technology in enhancing consumer protection efforts.

Mirela Bocanet, a representative of Confeuropa Consumatori Association, will join other industry experts on a panel discussion during the seminar.

Confeuropa Consumatori Association is committed to leveraging technology and innovation to better serve consumers. By actively participating in events like the Seminar on Consumer Protection, the association aims to strengthen its knowledge base, enhance its capabilities, and collaborate with other stakeholders to drive positive change in the consumer protection landscape.

“We are excited to be part of the 3rd session of the Seminar on Consumer Protection,” said Mirela Bocanet, representative of Confeuropa Consumatori Association. “This is an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas, learn from experts, and explore how AI and enforcement technology can empower us in our mission to protect consumer rights. We look forward to engaging in insightful discussions and driving meaningful advancements in consumer protection.”

Confeuropa Consumatori Association invites interested individuals, organizations, and stakeholders to join the seminar and be part of the dialogue surrounding the future of consumer protection.

The agenda for Session 3 can be found HERE.