Ecommerce purchases

In recent years, the use of the web for the purchase of goods and services has increased exponentially: the scope of online commerce is now very vast and you can buy almost anything all over the world.

Precisely in consideration of a phenomenon that is becoming more and more frequent, Confeuropa Consumers presented the 1st survey on the prices of online products. The study examined five macro areas (nutrition, personal care, clothing, childhood and technology), considering that consumers of all ages can make purchases.

Some specific products were therefore compared, comparing the average prices applied in shops with those online.

The survey reveals significant savings opportunities. The sector in which the percentages are higher is that of personal care, in which the products have on average 41% lower prices. In the case of shampoo, for example, the difference between the prices applied in the shop and the online ones reaches 49%, while for foundation it is almost 48%.

Even in the clothing sector it is possible to find very convenient offers: the percentage of savings is close to 30% in the case of sports shoes and reaches 33% for elegant footwear. The same goes for food: for some food products, the savings opportunities are considerable, as in the case of biscuits (42%) and canned tuna (31.5%).