Consumers PRO – Best practices seminar – Session 4

Confeuropa Consumatori Association is pleased to announce its participation in the 4th session of the Seminar on Consumer Protection, The seminar serves as a platform for industry experts, organizations, and stakeholders to come together and discuss key issues in consumer protection.

As a dedicated advocate for consumer rights, Confeuropa Consumatori Association recognizes the importance of actively engaging in events that foster knowledge sharing and collaboration. The association’s representative, Mirela Bocanet, will be joining the seminar to contribute insights on various topics related to consumer protection and empowerment.

During the 4th session, Mirela Bocanet will share Confeuropa Consumatori Association’s experiences and perspectives on:

Enhancing consumer education and awareness for informed decision-making.
Promoting fair and transparent business practices to protect consumer rights.
Collaborative efforts in addressing emerging challenges in consumer protection.
Strengthening advocacy strategies to influence policy and regulations.
Confeuropa Consumatori Association values the opportunity to engage with fellow participants, exchange ideas, and contribute to the collective effort of advancing consumer protection. The association’s participation underscores its commitment to empowering consumers and ensuring their rights are upheld in an ever-evolving marketplace.

The agenda for Session 4 can be found HERE.