Consumers PRO – Best practices seminar – Session 2

Representatives of the Confeuropa Consumers Association, led by Ms. Mirela Bocanet, are participating in Session 2 of the Consumer Pro Seminar on consumer protection.

Today, prominent representatives of the Confeuropa Consumers Association have taken part in Session 2 of the prestigious Consumer Pro Seminar on best practices in consumer protection. The active participation of Ms. Mirela Bocanet, a representative of the association, highlights the organization’s commitment to promote and defend consumer rights in Europe.

Session 2 focused on protecting professionals in the consumer field and addressing issues such as burnout and compassion fatigue. Ms. Mirela Bocanet made a valuable contribution by sharing the experiences and effective strategies used by the Confeuropa Consumers Association to protect and care for their team members and ensure a sustainable and healthy work environment.

The Consumer Pro Seminar, organized by a global advocacy platform for consumer protection, represents a unique opportunity for experts, industry professionals, and consumer advocates to share best practices and strengthen efforts in protecting consumer rights. The participation of the Confeuropa Consumers Association underscores its importance at the European level and their ongoing commitment to supporting and defending consumer interests.

The Confeuropa Consumers Association is committed to utilizing the knowledge and experiences gained from the seminar to improve and strengthen their efforts in protecting and advocating for consumer rights in Europe.

The agenda for Session 2 can be found HERE.